Global Warming – Climate change – 12o θέμα εργασίας

By Mrs. Mathio Stoikou English Professor of our school.

Our Story…

Far away in the frozen Arctic lived a father bear, a mother bear and a baby bear. Baby bear loved to play in the snow. But today was different…

Mum, have I got real polar bear ears?

(Use a rising intonation on the word Mum and pause slightly before asking the question. Don’t forget to use a rising intonation,rising on ears. Be consistent with your intonation for each question.)

Of course you have son.
(Say in a reassuring way)

Mum,have I got real polar bear fur?

Of course you have son. Run along now. I’m busy.
(Mother sounds slightly impatient here)

So the baby polar bear runs off and finds his Dad.

Dad,have I got real polar bear ears?

(Repeat intonation and pause as above)

Of course you have son.

Dad, have I got real polar bear paws?

Of course you have son.

Dad, have I got real polar bear fur?

Of course you have son. Why you asking me these questions?

Because I’m really cold!

(Say in a slightly high pitched,shivery voice)


Frozen: παγωμένος

Different: διαφορετικός

Paws: πατούσες

Fur: γούνα

Busy: απασχολημένος

Find: βρίσκω

Ask: ρωτώ

Questions: ερωτήσεις



Animals in Danger – answers

Which endangered animal is which?

Write “P” for the Panda, “T” for the Tiger and “B” for the Bear.


B It lives in the Arctic.

P It lives in the forest of China.
T It lives in the forest,woods,grasslands and mangrove swamps of Asia.

Physical characteristics

T It has an orangey – brown coat with white fur under its body and black stripes.

P It has a white coat with black fur around its eyes,ears and legs.

B It eats seals, walruses, beluga whales, narwhals, seaweed and birds’ eggs.

Interesting facts

T It hunts at night

B It can swim and run up to 55 kilometers an hour.

P It eats 12 hours a day!


P There are only 1,600 in the wild.

T There are only 5,000-7,000 in the wild.

B There are only 20,000-25,000 in the wild.



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